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Crescent City Websites designs and develops totally responsive websites that automatically adjust to the visitor's device, whether its a smart phone, Ipad, laptop or desktop.

With almost 85% of web visitors using smaller devices for the internet, shouldn't your website be designed for all possible sizes?

Responsive design lets your website appropriately adjust itself to fit the device it’s being viewed on. Gone are the days of pinching and pushing and stretching a website as you struggle to read it on your smartphone. One seamless website experience can now be had, allowing your website to look great, and meet your visitor’s needs.

Responsive Web Design is a relatively new phrase in website design, but it simply means that your site will not only conform to whatever screen size and resolution you have, but will also change shape and rearrange your website to fit your device.

Since mobile web browsers are accounting for an ever-increasing amount of website traffic, Responsive Web Design adds years to any website design.

Responsive Design is not in an experimental phase. It uses existing web technologies to dynamically change sites by detecting browser information, and replacing which graphics are displayed.

Responsive Design takes the place of mobile-specific displays for smart phones, which, up until a few months ago, were necessary for optimal display. With the increase in tablet usage, this created a gap in the industry, where web designers had to choose where the cut-off was between displaying the full site or the smart-phone verson, which didn't really fit the tablet's display very well.

Responsive Design solves this problem, because no matter what size device or which resolution it uses, Responsive Design conforms.

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