We get asked this a lot. The answer can be complicated because it's like asking "how much does a house cost?" It depends! How many bedrooms? How many baths? One-story or two? Central air? Swimming Pool? Let's try to make this simple.

The average cost, across the board, nationwide, for a standard website from a design firm (like us) ranges between $1,000-$3,000*. We're usually less than this.

Factors that most effect where you might fall in this range are: design requirements, number of pages, number of bells and whistles (things like photos, graphics, animations, scripts, SEO, blogs, etc.) and image and branding creation (logo, colors, style) if needed.

Absolutely. There are a couple of alternatives to a custom-designed website.

Pre-fabbed Template Designs.
With your input we'll select a design from an online template store and we'll tweak it to your needs. It won't be totally custom but its a good option for small budgets.
Range: $500-$1,500.

Your Brother's Son's Friend
You might be able to find a friend or relative to do it. We generally don't recommend this but it's hard to argue with free. (Most of our re-design projects are for business owners who had a relative do their first website.)

If you prefer personal attention, accountability, and an internet-savvy designer who can give sound marketing advice, then you should let us give you a quote.

Contact Crescent City Websites today! It's the first step.

* Price range is based on internet research, conversations with business owners, prices listed by other design firms, and average cost for sites we've designed in the last couple years.

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